LIONEL PODCAST: An Interview With Professor James Tracy, Rogue Academic Who Dares to Question the Official Story of Sandy Hook

Behold the man who dared to question. An academic, no less. Professor James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University and Memory Hole Blog joined me for a conversation on the dread conspiracy theory, the label that immediately shuts up and down and interrupts and derails thought without surcease and fail. Behold the man who dared — DARED! — to question the official account of Sandy Hook, a man who simply and merely asked questions — QUESTIONS! — and then incurred and uncorked the usual and predictable ire and wrath of a feckless and impuissant mainstream media who don’t take kindly to those who question — QUESTION! — whether they’re doing their job. There was a time when academic freedom provided the fearless and intrepid backdrop and stage for intellectual inquiry. The proscenium for ideation and issue inspection. Jim Tracy dared to question the official account of Sandy Hook and continues to. And I love and respect immediately anyone who strips aware the veneer of the oafish-al sleight of hand rendition.

The subject of this recordation. In this interview the good professor and I discuss the retooling and stripped down dissection of the term conspiracy theory to connote that of lunacy and the baseless, the future of the classroom and campus as crucibles of truth, attempts to stifle and silence daring academics and what “woke him up,” a concept many in my biz are familiar with, i.e. the event or events that made him aware of organized and concerted media deception. Dig.

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