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Lionel Appears at the Cutting Room 19 May 2018 CE

On May 19, 2018 CE, Lionel of the United States (LOTUS) will grace the portals and storm the stage of New York’s fabled Cutting Room in his ASSUME THE LOTUS POSITION TOUR, an evening of (out)spoken word and the immaculate twang of Mother Bluegrass with his Lock ‘n Load trio. Lionel will astound his truth warrior audience with tales from the Conspiratorium, his dissection of fake news media charlatans and a look at the world through a prism that defies description and redefines comedy, satire and critical thinking. Lionel joins guitar flatpicking genius Bob Harris and banjo master Bob Sutor for a musical journey through the quintessential American musical art form that will bring our beloved republic together. You never knew the truth could be this fun. Click here for TICKETS.

LIONEL VIDEO: Vintage Phone Prank Tutorials

If you’re of a certain age this will mean something. I’m not a bad person. Per se. But during my “yout,” before the days of caller ID, I terrorized actively the elderly and unsuspecting. Those days are over as is the ability to conceal identities. And the gags and pranks were not usual. they were far more insidious and elegant.

Let me reiterate that before the introduction of caller ID phone terrorism was my hobby, avocation and addiction. On the phone you can be anyone and anybody you want to be. And detection free. Even as a prosecutor during the Harding Administration it took forever and a day to get a pen register, which was a fancy Flintstones era phone tracing order. Translation: we pranked with impunity. And remember the phones of yore. Thick, heavy Bakelite monsters that were tethered and connected into the wall and not by way of a jack but a cloth covered, myelinized sorta covering that disappeared into the wall.

Herein is my confession and tutorial. Gawd, how I miss those days.