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The Mindless Rote Recitation of SCOTUS Commentary

With Elena Kagan’s nomination to SCOTUS, a phenomenon is taking place: AUTO EXPERT. Auto Expert is an almost Pavlovian reflex that involves average citizens, well-intended and good-hearted, with nary a clue as to the processes involved in a Supreme Court nomination but they swear they’re experts on the subject.

The country is divided into two factions. The first is the group that has no earthly idea or concern about the Court or how it works. It’s enormous in size and embodies the prototypical American, clueless and devoid of the slightest interest in anything other than the obvious. They think SCOTUS is pudendal. The latter group is that of the delusional know-it-all. The boorish and ham-fisted expert wallowing in nescience. They watch either Fox or MSNBC exclusively and have succumbed to the belief that they’re in touch. They fancy themselves as “news junkies” and are quick to slap a label on any topic or subject of political discussion. And God bless them. They’re the mainstay of 24/7 cable news shows. Much like the prison doc is the mainstay of weekend MSNBC programming.

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What a schmuck…

Blumenthal Says He Served in Vietnam

Addressing a crowd of veterans and supporters in March 2008, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said that he had served in Vietnam.

What a schmuck…

An American Heroine

These clips from the Magic Bullet infomercial feature Hazel, everyone’s favorite drunken cigarette hag.

Who’s the Swede?

Who's the Swede?