Mockingbird: Not as in “To Kill” but “Operation”

You’ve got to hand it to the CIA and to the intelligence community’s collective mindset. I’m most interested in the genius that is employed by intelligence services. Not necessarily in approbation but an interest in what these folks can come up with. Operation Mockingbird was one such operation. Mockingbird was

a  CIA project created to control the domestic and foreign media. They bribed well-known writers and journalists to write CIA slanted propaganda. The goal was primarily to bribe writers to write about the dangers of communism and suppressany [sic] left wing political writing. In 1976 George H.W. Bush the new director of the CIA announced that this activity will stop but they would welcome the voluntary unpaid cooperation of writers. [Source]

FOIA requests have been made and, as you can imagine, the results have been less than comprehensive.

And I can’t state enough how I can certainly understand that in perilous times, unique and novel approaches to addressing international enemies (remember, domestic enemies are supposedly the province of the FBI) must be considered and utilized. Fine. But the ingenuity and cleverness of these folks are mind-boggling.

I’m glad they’re on our side. They are, aren’t they?

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