Obama: Bush Turbo

In a fascinating article entitled “War on the World: Obama’s Surge in State Terror,” Chris Floyd writes as follows.

Most sentient beings have long recognized that murdering civilians in foreign countries — especially through the cowardly methods of “secret war” — is entirely counterproductive … if your actual aim is to enhance America’s national security by reducing violent extremism and hatred for the United States, that is. However, if your aim is to perpetuate and expand a militarist empire and the bloated, brutal, corrupt, war-profiteering system that supports it, why then, secret war and civilian slaughter are perfectly logical and remarkably effective methods.

And that is why our highly intelligent and cool, pragmatic president is now vastly expanding the use of secret war, subversion, sabotage and murder into even more countries around the world, and giving America’s secret, unaccountable death squads and covert operators even more power to carry out their lawless operations. As one Pentagon mandarin gushed, Obama is allowing “things that the previous administration did not.”

Floyd notes that quote is cited in a Washington Post piece on Obama’s “surge” in America’s secret war on the world, now involving no fewer than 75 countries.

I never thought I’d quote Sarah Palin except in an exemplar of deserved derision, but “How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out?”

What change? He makes Dubya look like a Quaker. And most of the MSM and MSNBC in toto look the other way in Pavlovian obeisance.

  1. Which reminds me of a statement by Ambrose Bierce: Aborigines (Inhabitants,) cease to inhabit, and soon fertilize.

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