Obama Bashing? Political Critique? Bashing?

This is an actual message I received on Facebook.

Looks like it’s time to de-friend my friend! The Obama bashing is getting old and tired. (And boring.) There’s so much to discuss but it seems like you’ve lost your touch. Or desire!
You’re obsessed with Obama.
Oh well.

Would that I had enough time to address the absolute insanity of this. First, it’s a crybaby Obamaphile who’s lost his way. Obama’s his idol; he’s a fan, an acolyte, a booster. Criticizing the policies of the duplicitous-in-chief hurts this little girl’s feelings. When a Mets fan disagrees with the front office, he’s never considered a non-fan or accused of bashing. In sports, it’s the score and records that count. The same goes for this guy, Goldilocks. He’s my President and he works for me.

  1. Hmmm.
    Touchy subject?

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