It’s Official. Stanley’s Crazy.

Without exception, everyone I spoke with today to a person commented that McChrystal was crazy. He had to be, right? What else could explain his boneheaded and self-destructive move?

Mental illness fascinates me. Almost as much as the folks who swear they’re sane. Or that sanity exists in a pure sense. Like incest, sanity is relative. What provided McChrystal with the drive and indefatigable ambition to excel as fast and far as he did may in effect be a form of mental illness. Think a focused and productive mania. The bold and gung-ho spirit that propelled him to generalhood (?) may have also had a component that was negative and surfaced most inauspiciously.

So let’s take the underpinning of mental illness, a mild version, that is, that enables McChrystal to charge ahead undaunted by the fear of failure and then allow its evil counterpart to seep through, viz. an untethered recklessness, and voila! There you have it.

Or not.

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