What’s Worse? McChrystal’s Idiocy or MSM Coverage?

That’s simple. The latter by far. This afternoon I watched the various networks discuss the ramifications and repercussions of Obama’s almost certain removal of McChrystal. Let me describe it this way: If I were given the chance to torture a child molester or someone equally as heinous, I’d force the dastard to watch the mind-numbing, paralyzing coverage of the various networks.

DEMS-NBC’s Chris Jansing’s was employing a new affect. Faux News lite. It was as if she stole a page from FNC and was trying to squeeze in as many “guys” as she could in a sentence. “So these guys who say that this guy was the guy … .” It was sad. But when the team of military types appeared they were asked the same questions repeatedly and what seemed interminably. Without surcease. And there’s really not much to answer anent a question of something that just happened. He’s canned. What does that mean, military paid expert? It means what it means. He’s canned. More video! And you, military expert No. 2, what does this mean? It means precisely what it means. Thank you. Coming up The Naked Cowboy franchises the product and things in your bathroom that can kill you.

The others were no better. And the reason for it is simple. Just because an event has occurred doesn’t mean it’s conversation-worthy. Sustainable, that is. It goes something like this. McChrystal is Shi’ite-canned. Everybody saw it coming. And it happened. Petraeus is his successor. And that’s about it. What the video monster of 24/7 news suggests is the forced and deliberate dissection of that which is the most obvious. A repetitive, nonsensical, mind-numbing collage of the obvious. A parade of the apparent. And each successive show and host builds upon the repetition to the point that any interest in this most significant story is obliterated.

No matter the story, no matter the depth or consequence, MSM by virtue of its programming matrix will just throw data at you. Data coupled and presented with mindless, paralyzing B-roll and video. And a pithy, pert and piquant presenter trying in vain to pepper the obvious with fascinating twists and angles. That never seem to materialize.

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