This From the Guy Who Drew in the Sand Exactly Where Troops Were

You’ve got to hand it to Geraldo. Seriously, this guy just won’t stop. I respect his longevity and indefatigability. And his balls. They’re the size of melons. Is this the same Geraldo who basically gave away U.S. troop positions when he was reporting from the battlefield? Is this the same Geraldo who was packing heat in case he ran into bin Laden? Now this guy is grousing about a now famous journalist who happened to be present when an out-of-control General shot his mouth and career off. Into a mic. In a bar. With his minions and underlings who had half a load on. And, what, Geraldo thinks this is excessive?

Jerry Rivers here shows the mindless, juvenile and little boy fascination with guys with stars. He’s suggesting with a straight face that he as a journalist wouldn’t have jumped at the chance. To be a journalist.

  1. Geraldo makes an excellent point. Plus, the article was far from journalistic, which is supposed to be unbiased. That article was anything but.

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