All I Need Is the Air That I Breathe. And the Electricity that Powers It.

A bill’s a bill, right? I’m tired of these freeloaders using the old “I’m on oxygen and will die if you turn off my power” routine. Well, sure enough, these mamby-pamby, soft-hearted, bleeding-heart liberals are bitching and moaning about this little snafu that happened in the Granite State.

Gov. John Lynch is calling for a statewide review of utility shut-off procedures after the death of a Salem woman relying on an oxygen machine.

Kay Phaneuf, 53, of 18 Charles St. was taken to Caritas Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Mass., on Monday after rescue workers found her unconscious and without a pulse about 10 a.m. The woman’s husband had stepped out of the house that morning and called 911 after returning home and finding Phaneuf unconscious, Salem police Sgt. Rob Morin said.

Rescue workers were able to resuscitate Phaneuf before transferring her to Holy Family in critical condition. She died Thursday night, according to a hospital spokesman.

About one hour before Phaneuf was found in cardiac arrest, a National Grid meter technician had visited the home to disconnect power, according to David Graves, a spokesman for the company. [Source]

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