Kiwi Sot on Four-Day Bender Continues Drinking After Overturning His Car. Hey, We’ve All Been There.

A Kiwi sot, nearly three times the legal limit, drank beer in his overturned car because he had “nothing better to do” while waiting for police. He’s got a point.

When asked by an officer how much he had to drink, Paul Nigel Sneddon, 47, of Palmerston North, replied: “Plenty. I’ve been drinking for four days straight.” Cue George Jones.

He reported that it was the lowest point in his life, but he did not think it would stop him drinking.

The former baker (I’ll bet he was a master baker) pleaded guilty ito careless driving and having a breath-alcohol limit of 1191mcg. The legal limit is 400mcg. By my calculations, he had a lot.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ollie Outtrim (Isn’t that what kids say when playing?) said Evel Knievel Sneddon failed to take a corner and crashed through a wooden barrier.

Cops found him trapped in his overturned Ford Laser, drinking from a can of beer.

His lawyer said that when he couldn’t open the doors, “he had nothing else to do at that point, so he had another beer.” What the hell, indeed.

The dipsomaniac Sneddon noted, “I’m separated from my wife, I’ve got no friends, no-one comes to visit me and that job was my whole life,” he said. “So to remove that was to remove my purpose in life.”

Seriously, somebody cue George Jones.


“When you’re lonely like I am, you cling to the things that bring you comfort.” Hear, hear.

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