The Synapse Will Be Televised

A dear friend of mine posited the following. He’s a pearl diver.
Isn’t it inconsistent to demand the expulsion of undocumented aliens while continuing to enjoy the fruits (literally) of their presence? If one is going to demand that all illegals be deported, then you should not patronize restaurants that use undocumented aliens in the kitchen or as busboys or as deliverymen. You should not stay in hotels that hire undocumented aliens as maids and janitors. You should not purchase meat that was processed in meat packing plants that employ undocumented workers, nor fruits and vegetables that were picked by undocumented workers. You should not live in a house or apartment building that was built using undocumented laborers, nor hire contractors that use them. You should not employ a landscaping or yard maintenance company that hires illegals. You should not hire a nanny or health aide that cannot prove their legal status. In that way you will not only be logically and ethically consistent, but contributing to the solution by reducing the number of jobs for them. And they wouldn’t come here if there was no work for them.
  1. A very valid point. I would like to meet the author. If his pearl divng skills rival his writing, it’d be like a dream come true. Literally.

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