We’re Comatose, Mentally Moribund & Easily Distracted

If I were to attempt to explain to another country how we think in this country, I’d start with “We don’t.” We react, scream, hoot and howl but don’t think. Here’s a for instance.

With all the discussion about General McChrystal and Afghanistan in general, never was the question inspired as to why we were even there. Especially after CIA director Leon Panetta said there were fewer than 100 al Qaeda in the entire country! But we’re after the Taliban, right? Right? How many are they? Better yet, don’t tell me. Surprise me.

We’ve 90,000 troops in “Pashtunistan” along with some NATO folks here and there. And we’re involved in a bellum novum. It’s a counterinsurgency. Quick, for $20,000 and a new car, what’s a counterinsurgency? Nobody knows. Except Petraeus who authored it. Poor sumbitch. Think about it, he’s demoted back to Afghanistan from Centcom in Tampa, my hometown. Come to think of it, in summer, I’d rather be in Kabul.

And as I write each word I think to myself: nobody cares about this. Nobody. The average American thinks this has something to do with 9/11. Or something. They just don’t care. They’ve no clue, no interest and no concern.I know this sounds mean. Because it’s true. And as long as that continues, so will this Shi’ite.

  1. You’d think along the line somebody would have noticed that the Russians weren’t very successful in their attempts to pacify and control Afghanistan.

  2. True. Just check the comments on Lionel Commentary facebook attached to this article:
    1. Yes man.
    2. Well-meaning idealist.
    3. Housewife trying to sound smart in between NASCAR races.
    4. “I heard somebody say this once, and it sounded good…”
    5. Alarmist.

    Besides, what’s the point in that now? What matters is not so much why we are there, but how all of this reads to the enemy. We should be much more concerned that our opportunistic Commander in Chief, instead of dismissing the tripe as trash-mag b.s., and privately slapping McChrystalss wrists, used it instead to forward his own agenda. And that our House Speaker is now touting that we should be putting “all our eggs in The Patraeus basket,” effectively giving him carte blanche. Right on! It’s the new dynamic in foreign policy. Let’s all start dropping the ef bomb gratuitously and make Rolling Stone the official Whitehouse news source. We could run the state department from corporate headquarters, and have Hilary Clinton report directly to the editor. I want to see Obama in a crown, Pelosi in a burka, and Patraeus wearing a halo, all in bondage on the cover, with the editor and writer of that article holding whips above them, flipping the bird at a US flag and McChrystal, and a caption that reads: “Rolling Stone: Manipulating the fucking face of foreign policy in the Middle East.”

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