Our Impuisssant Press

Not one reporter, blogger, journalist. Nobody. Not one has even hinted at what these Russkie spooks have allegedly learned, gathered or collected while ensconced in the bowels of Montclair, NJ. What?! What was passed via cold war spook tricks? What data were conveyed in dead drops or via decoder rings?

No, our atesticular and neutered press takes its marching orders from the government and off they go. So enamored are these ostensibly bored reporters with the story, they never asked anything vaguely addressing what these sleuths could have been privy to. Nobody asks. Nobody cares.

And while I’m on the subject, could we please stop blindly and mindlessly overstating the pulchritude of this Soviet siren, Anna Chapman? Puh-leeze. The pliant MSMeatheads obsequiously follow the government’s memes and in a collective and cued obeisance write robotically of the mind-blowing and nonpareil superhuman sexiness of this very ordinary woman. And “spy.”

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