What About Our Spy History?

For what seems to be the thousandth news story about the Russian spies, I thought foolishly that maybe the MSM would perhaps chance a story or reference to our illustrious spy history. And what a history it is. Mention to any intelligence agency historian the names Ajax, MKULTRA, Mongoose and the most fascinating Northwoods and she’ll nod in a most familiar approbation.

For the essential truth is that treachery and deception must perforce be components of the intelligence world. It’s a brutal reality but to think that world politics can escape the fact that some pretty nefarious stuff goes on to gain an advantage and valuable information is naive.

But our MSM won’t touch this stuff. It’s too conspiracy theory for their taste. Not to mention our sensibilities would never entertain the realities of the world.

  1. You forgot my favorites. Operation Gladio and the all time best Operation Mockingbird. When I hear a political pondent preaching to his mindless flock I often find myself whistling that childhood tune, “Listen to the Mockingbird!”

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