LIONEL AUDIO: Sherrodgate, Keith Olbermann Has Lost His Mind, Glenn Beck Nails His Insanity, The End of Journalism & Just How Stupid Is the Obama Adminisitration in Not Checking Out Breitbart

The facts, ma’am. Shirley Sherrod was canned by Obama via USDA Poo Bah Vilsack and denounced by NAACP Panjandrum Benjamin (I swear to Gawd) Jealous after a video was released by right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart! You know by now that the video was released and commented on not in its entirety but anent a facet of its totality. Details, details. Even after he went on Fox and slimed Sherrod. There is ostensibly absent from all of the aforementioned the slightest instinctual tripwire that might have made them stop for just a second and review extremely carefully the allegations made before an African-American woman was booted to the curb. (Cue Belushi) But noooooooo!

Enter Mr. Nutso. Before the DSM-V hits the bookstores in 2013, quick, someone add Olbermann’s Syndrome. It should detail the sneering, fire-breathing, snarky, venomous and seething affect and countenance that this very troubled man exhibits whenever called upon to bless his subjects with his rapier wit and mind-boggling sentience as to all that truly matters. Glenn Beck’s riposte and retort to KO’s “special comment” is, I must say, spot on. A 12:15 one at that. That’s akin to a ten-page editorial. Brevity, Keith! Brevity.

When in doubt, reference the 19th century. The man’s hubris is interminable. He returned from his vacation and appeared before his panting subjects “as promised” to deliver the truth as only he could do by referencing the 19th century Dreyfus Affair, certainly top on most people’s list for historical metaphor. See for yourself Captain Blowhard and Speck the Wonder Chimp in action. (Article) KO is his usual self-righteous seething self. Standing up to racism. Defending all that is right and just. Puh-leeze.

The greatest form of flattery. No reference to KO would be complete without a reprise of Ben Affleck’s brilliant portrayal of the bombast himself. Let me also add the equally nimble presentation of the Prince of Pretense.

LIONEL AUDIO: Keith Olbermann Has Lost His Mind, Glenn Beck Nails His Insanity, The End of Journalism & Just How Stupid Is the Obama Administration in Not Checking Out Breitbart’s Video (30:30)

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