LIONEL AUDIO: A Mélange, Multitude and Multiplicity of Myriad Miscellany

Try explaining scat to Ella. Nothing sums up my outlook better than this most profound thought: Everything is interesting. To me. And what’s fascinating is when we invert the telescope and look at what we actually do. And herein, that’s exactly what I do. I had a radio PD once refer to myriad subject matter (radio scat or graffiti) as veering. Veering? I prefer desultory, but that’s me. No, I tried to explain, it’s stream of consciousness. It’s fluid, continuous. To no avail.

Don’t try this at home. But in this forum and form I provide you a disquisition on the following: (1) foreign languages and xenophobia; (2) cab drivers, their medallions and the insufferable and interminable receipt machines; (3) the truth behind “conspiracy”; (4) MSNBC’s latest bout of inanity; (4) gyms, gays, core and irksome behavior; (5) salmonella. (Or was it Sal Mineo?); (6) middle-age health, virtual scans, calcium scoring, colonoscopies and hard living ; and (7) the satanic references of Elena Verdugo.

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