LIONEL AUDIO: Now You Care About Afghanistan?!

The news today is the 90,00 plus pages of leaked Afghanistan bad news. This is good in that at least someone’s paying attention. For now. Keep in mind the collective ADD of our nation when it comes to any news story, war or otherwise.

A marvelous compilation of unknown war facts has been provided — by alternative media, I must add —  and I’m surprised they could  limit the number to only six  facts. The official narrative of America’s longest war is replete with misstatements, obfuscations, distortions and downright lies. Perhaps with Obama as POTUS and the absolutely unyielding and seething enmity towards him by many rightsters, a rational reassessment of the “war on terror” will be initiated and encouraged now that their guy’s out. But that’s wishful thinking. There’s still a sadistic fetish that chickenhawks enjoy when it comes to war. So long as they or their kids don’t have to fight it.

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