LIONEL AUDIO: Faux Nuns, WikiLeaks Hyperbole, Internet Policing & Rangel’s Conscription Plans Inter Alia

A bogus nun is the subject of a New York Post story. Imagine that! Someone claiming a religious status falsely to dupe the unsuspecting into parting with their bucks. That never happens, right? There are some serious First Amendment considerations here, believe it or not. Aside from there being no orphanage per se, it gets dicey if this were taken further to proscribe all false claims made by those in the religious world seeking funding. But, more importantly, read this this great line from the story.

Investigators are seeking testimony from both LeGrand — who for more than a decade has walked city streets pretending to be a nun in order to prey on the public’s sympathies — as well as her “church,” an organization founded by Devernon LeGrand, a convicted rapist and serial killer to whom she’s related by marriage. [E.S.]

And that pedigree and provenance will be appended to every story anent her from now on. But as I discuss, New York is replete with one phony story and street con after another. The question I have is how much of caveat emptor still applies today? Sure, she’s a phony as are the legions of “homeless advocates” on the streets, but if you give these folks a dime, you’re a Grade A schmuck. That simple. The same goes for astrologers, psychics, faith healers and life coaches. It’s all a work, and if you donate, you’re a schmuck. And a putz. (Why do Yiddish penile references connote stupidity?) Case closed.

Next, a discussion of the continuing story of WikiLeaks and how the story stinks to high heaven for a variety of reasons. First, the 90,000 plus “pages” were actually digital files that are notoriously subject to alteration and whose authenticity may be in very serious question. But the American sheeple never ask about such things. That takes thinking. Also, WikiLeaks in this case decided to dump them on the media first for “vetting.” That’s contrary to their usual M.O. of letting the public see the data first. This may serve to benefit the White House greatly in that it can now use the Pakistan/ISI connection to bolster support for more money and mindless obeisance on the part of the public. After all, it fights terror, right? It can also serve as further indicia of the need for the government to tighten the reins on Internet freedoms. This is a plus-plus for Obama and his globalist pals. More war, more debt more Shi’ite.

The Guardian reports . . . that’s right, another “foreign” publication with more information available than most of our pathetic snooze sources . . . that the utility of the data released may prove to be anything but a treasure trove.

But for all their eye-popping details, the intelligence files, which are mostly collated by junior officers relying on informants and Afghan officials, fail to provide a convincing smoking gun for ISI complicity. Most of the reports are vague, filled with incongruent detail, or crudely fabricated. The same characters – famous Taliban commanders, well-known ISI officials – and scenarios repeatedly pop up. And few of the events predicted in the reports subsequently occurred.

A retired senior American officer said ground-level reports were considered to be a mixture of “rumours, bullshit and second-hand information” and were weeded out as they passed up the chain of command. “As someone who had to sift through thousands of these reports, I can say that the chances of finding any real information are pretty slim,” said the officer, who has years of experience in the region.

Andrew Breitbart, whose blog is the bane of everyone’s existence it seems, remains in the news. I admire the hell out of this guy. First, he’s as much a journalist as I’m a center for the Knicks. But what this dude did was to hoodwink everyone including POTUS, the White House and the NAACP! Ol’ Andy must have thought “There’s no way these folks are going to take anything I say at face value” but they did. He’s now even more famous, the right couldn’t care less about being right (as in correct) and all the left cares about is being snookered. This is fabulous.

And finally, poor Charlie, seen infra beached on a beach. The man’s toast and serves as an electoral impediment to the Dems who need him as much as “Meager” Brzezinski needs vapidity lessons. Charlie, as you may recall, was pushing for a reintroduction of conscription. Here’s a most interesting perspective on the subject that I absolute object to, though I’m partial to service by young folks. (And to Mr. Jones’s staff, it’s “Rangel.”)

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