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This was inspired by a comment on Facebook about my support of Israel. The commenter noted that how could I support anything Israel and retain my membership status in ____. It’s that elusive category of inclusion that this fellow thought I was a part of and I’m not sure why. And support of Israel is inconsistent with membership in that group. What group? Who sets the agenda for membership and inclusion in said group? Ah, my point exactly.

Anent Israel, I support its existence and strategic and critical importance in the Middle East. Israel I support; its leadership may not always enjoy my approval. I don’t follow a mindless, Pavlovian obeisance to whatever Israeli leadership promotes. Gee, imagine that. There exist earned dissent and disagreement as is seen daily in the pages of Israeli newspapers. Furthermore, I don’t subscribe to the notion that having a well-reasoned ideological disagreement with, say, the Knessed or Netanyahu renders you ant-Semitic. But, funny, I never hear anyone discuss the transgressions committed by Hamas in Gaza. Enough, with that. Knowledge of the horrors committed by Hamas is for the mot part overlooked or ignored altogether.

The folks who believe that rejection of all that is Israel are contained under the poorly-defined and most inaccurate rubric of “conspiracy theorists.” Don’t ask me what that appellation has to do with Israel, but if I am forced to come up with a shorthand moniker, it’s the Alex Jones crew. Jones provides a critical service in providing an awareness of news sources that are ofttimes missed or altogether rejected and ignored by MSM. Jones is a proponent of the idea of 9/11 being an inside job, he’s the consummate birther (these labels!), anti-globalist and loather of all that is New World Order, etc. While I have scoured thoroughly for years all that has been written by 9/11 skeptics, there has not been one piece of evidence or indicium of an inside job, viz. one within our own government, ever presented. That doesn’t mean that the record is replete with “official findings” that are mind-boggling and in need of reexamination. But there are selective points adduced and averred by Mr. Jones that I find most interesting and always piquant.

It would behoove everyone to at least reference the citations he provides to news stories from international sources that might be overlooked here. So-called Truthers usually swear fealty to all that is anti-Israel. Fine. Count me out of that group or any group that requires allegiance to a specific set of doctrinal beliefs.

There are ideas and philosophies that I believe make intuitive sense and those ideas are shared by a host of “labeled” concerns that I’m not necessarily a member of: gun rights, a robust suspicion of anthropogenic global warming causation models,  a steadfast belief that all drugs should be made legal via decriminalization and medicalization, medical marijuana use, pro-choice yet with a very serious problem as to the legal validity of Roe. I support an audit of the Fed and believe in gay marriage — total and absolutely hetero-comparable, intragender marriage with all attendant rights. I’m an ardent opponent of the death penalty but will reconsider it in the case of Carrot Top. Now, if you can find a name that clearly and succinctly defines my belief system and political worldview, knock yourself out. I say there is no label, there is no club.

Labels interrupt critical thinking and the IRAC process: Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion. Labels constrict worldview into a predetermined range of belief systems. They stifle analysis and certainly reconsideration. Certain political groupings and ideological camps take on an almost cult-like status with membership along with a free T-shirt. And all share the dreaded litmus test.

So, there I am. Nonpareil, sui generis and perforce ineffable.

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