In what may be considered the greatest example of media omphaloskepsis, a variety of media types have been asking the question whether POTUS Barry should have appeared on ABC’s daytime show The View. Simple answer: Yes. Why not? Why not reach a huge constituency? Why not spread the word? And what’s so wrong with The View? If you want to talk inane, look no further than DEMS-NBC “Meager” Brzezinski, the poster child of vapidity. Calvin Coolidge was the first President heard on radio in 1925. It was his inauguration and I’m sure there were some naysayers who tried to talk Mr. Excitement out of having his hallowed vocal countenance broadcast on plebeian radio. FDR was the first Prez to appear on TV in 1939. You can bet the same disagreement was voiced.

Listen to me, America. And listen good. If you don’t get it through your collective thick heads that the world of media is changing seismically, you’re doomed. I heard that windbag Pennsylvania Gov Ed Rendell, the subject of countless breathless hypersalivating homoerotic paeans from Chris Matthews, suggest that it was bad form for Obama to appear with The View chickies. Rendell is a paid football analyst on Comcast. Oh, that’s classy. Speaking of the Sultan of Spit, remember his billet doux to the moribund Fred Thompson? “Can you smell the English leather on this guy, the Aqua Velva, the sort of mature man’s shaving cream, or whatever, you know, after he shaved? Do you smell that sort of — a little bit of cigar smoke? You know, whatever.” Wow. Get a room!

Back at the ranch, the idea that Obama demeans his office by speaking to countless millions in a medium and forum that, to use the wrestling term, puts him over is beyond absurd. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely retarded — yeah, RETARDED! — some folks in the media are about accepting new media as valid. I watch a certain local show on theater and am amazed at how a portion of each week’s show is devoted to critics lamenting the fact that patrons Tweat and Facebook and share opinions about various shows in this new-fangled medium. Who Tweats today, one incredulous antediluvian critic asked? Who? The world, you schmuck. And, while I’m on the subject, if ever there was a useless profession next to joke writer for Hodding Carter, it’s an anything critic. Brooks Atkinson’s dead. Get over it.

So mind-boggling is the stupidity of refusing to identify the proliferation and utility of new media delivery systems that anyone even uttering a disparaging reference to it should be hog-tied and horse-whipped. It’s not the future. It’s now. REPEAT: It’s here and now. Not to mention the fact that TV news programming is becoming more and more isolated, diffuse, vacuous and unwatchable. Put simply, Obama haters will remain so, his fans will likewise. This is the chance for him to address and reach a faction of his potential voter base who still fall for the rock star countenance and image. The Obamaphiles whose eyes fluttered at the mention of his name have all but disappeared. The youthful and pathetically jejune Obama blogger babies have long since returned to the dark recesses of their parents’ basement. Those lighting quick cyber storm troopers have long since vanished. This is sheer brilliance on Obama’s part to constantly repeat the brainwashing mantra about the war on terror and miscellaneous Shi’ite that he spews like a parrot, strictly adhering to the script along with his trained dancing bear Biden.

‘Nuff said.

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