LIONEL AUDIO: The JetBlue “Hero” Is A Nut!

So bereft and pathetic is this society, so soulless and devoid of any proportionality anchor(s) are we that we’ve now heralded this wingnut Stephen Slater as some latter day hero. I addressed this on my PIX 11 commentary and everything I said has proven to be true. The feckless MSM have made parallels to that great American character Howard Beale in “Network,” missing the point completely. This story is so emblematic of so many issues that I parse: our inability to distinguish between fame and infamy, how security folks failed in pursuing this matter more vigorously, how this nut who activated an emergency chute (that could have killed some innocent baggage handle) could have run across a tarmac and sped away unstopped, just to name a few.

As we hear today, Mr. Slater the hero’s version of the facts are not necessarily that of eyewitnesses who were there during the event. It seems that Ol’ D. B. Cooper here may have been laboring under the rigors of alcohol. His 15 minutes might be stretched to 20 but watch how the hero devolves into a safety risk and public nuisance. Remember, we can change on a dime when it comes to hero worship. Provided we don’t forget altogether. Anybody remember Mel Gibson?

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