LIONEL AUDIO: Flatulence Miscellany, Maledicta & The R-Word

Hands down, this is my finest work of art heretofore. Let me explain.

First, through a series of recording snafus and screw-ups, I formatted one disk and effectively destroyed all that had been recorded save an addendum. That was saved. (Is that a pun?) Then I went back and proceeded to record one of the most beautiful streams of consciousness ever crafted by the hand of man. A veritable journey from efforts to rid the New Jersey statutory lexicon of the word “retarded” to the fun and hilarity of manufactured faux flatus. It defies description. It’s a thing of beauty. Nothing herein can prepare the listener accordingly. I then fused the two via digital adhesion and the final product is simply sublime.

Even I’m impressed; and I don’t impress easily.

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