LIONEL AUDIO: Hobbled, Lacerated & Most Contemplative Of Our World

This is perhaps one of my finest audio presentations. You see, whilst Tweeting and walking simultaneously, I fell to the sidewalk. I was scraped, bloodied and lacerated. There’s simply no way to look cool or suave when falling. Gravity’s a bitch. I stood up immediately, trying to hide the pain that coursed through my body, and advised an elderly woman who was concerned over my spill that I was just dandy, the hunk of patellar skin that was dangling conspicuously notwithstanding. I continued recording my thoughts which — to put it mildly — were even more desultory than normal.

Enjoy this tribute to miscellany. Enjoy the journey. In reviewing the topics covered for “tag” listing, I can’t remember a thing I’ve said. Perhaps it’s the concussion.

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