LIONEL AUDIO: The Week’s Conclusion

Nothing can describe this. Nothing. I’ve got more topics covered than Carter’s got pills. I think I’m the only person to remember this hoary phrase. Fine, I’m hoary. But let me give you an idea of what’s covered in this topic pastiche.

  • My shattered, blood-caked knee.
  • The flatulence-generating qualities of allium sativum.
  • My fanatical Tweeting and how it almost cost me my life.
  • Police in southern Shenzhen City confirmed a patient’s claim that her anus had been sewn by a midwife suspected of taking revenge during the patient’s labor because she failed to receive a good tip. Hey, it happens.
  • Obama’s “hidden” life as a Muslim, Kenyan citizens and Venusian
  • UFO’s verity and how claims are dismissed without so much as a second of investigation.
  • 9/11’s elusive Building 7, the most fascinating attack on the rudiments of Newtonian physics.
  • The world’s biggest idiot, Roger Clemens.
  • The Stolen Valor Act found unconstitutional. Lie all you want, boys!
  • The sudden interest and awareness in and of the Bilderbergers thanks to Uncle Fidel.
  • A 104 year-old Japanese woman found mummified in her son’s backpack.
  • Jennifer Aniston and the dread R-word.
  • And Dr. Laura, milking that media teat for all it’s worth.
  • And stuff.

The audio mosaic contained herein is a work of art. Nonpareil.

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