LIONEL AUDIO: Who Needs Phony Robbins?

I’m fascinated by the likes of spiritual hucksters like Deep Pocket Chopra and Phony Robbins who spew trite truisms directed towards the pathetic and socially bereft. The spiritually adrift and psychologically un-moored and clinically untethered. But it’s a free country and I love old professional wrestling and appreciate a work. So herein, I provide my tip for self-actualization. Take that, Maslow!

But in addition to this incredible home-learning course on the universal quiddity of self, I also mention a few other topics that round out the day’s lesson.

In no particular order I address the following.

  • The overlooked benefits of the Korean mani/pedi and the typical American male’s homophobia.
  • The Wikileaks founder has the trumped up and bogus charges of rape and molestation tossed.
  • God’s Jersey tomatoes and the significance of Solanum lycopersicum, a botanical fruit and culinary vegetable. Much like the late, great Dom DeLuise.
  • The ins and outs of distaff bisexuality versus ambisexuality.
  • And stuff.
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