LIONEL AUDIO: How I Almost Killed My Sister & Other Stuff

You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too, yeah

Boy, those Beatles were something, huh?

In this installment, I address with excruciating detail the following items.

  • Thanks to the throngs of well-wishers on Facebook and the like who recognized the date of my entry into this Zeus-forsaken world.
  • A detailed account of how, on my 12th birthday, I almost killed my sister (infra) when I ran over her hair with a Hoover upright but no possible explication as to why.
  • Advances made in brain imagery that might explain why psychopaths are such by highlighting a detailing specific abnormalities.
  • The amazingly stupid Tiger Woods, hell-bent on sexual self-destruction evinced by seducing Botoxed and sutured trannies into submission.
  • My absolute awe of Glenn Beck and how he has trained the MSM to follow his every move.

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