LIONEL AUDIO: In Matrimonium Ducere & My Anniversary

Today is my anniversary and I have decided that marrying my wife was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Marriage, however, is the source of stupid jokes and comments from and for the pathetically-comedic. I do have two favorites, though: (1) The secret to a happy marriage is still a secret; and (2) Marriage is the agreement to support for life the daughter of a complete stranger. (Cue rim shot).

But in this disquisition I provide the following areas of explication and limning.

  • The legal implications of marriage.
  • Tenancy by the entireties and per tout et non per moi. (A real barn burner.)
  • The rise of divorce and why.
  • The expectation of failure and doom.
  • Unrealistic expectations of the young bride.
  • Communication and the certain death knell of the nuptials.
  • Why gay marriage makes complete and perfect sense.
  • And stuff disguised as miscellany.

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