LIONEL AUDIO: Why I Suppport Israel & A First Amendment Primer

There’s in too many cases an almost knee-jerk, reflexive reaction against anything Israel does to defend itself — always considered “disproportionate” even if no one can name what a proportionate act of self-defense is — and an identification with and approbation of anything done against Israel as somehow understandable retaliation, understandably provoked or (insanely) a natural riposte. I think I know why such is the case. It’s called ignorance and a grand nescience at to the Middle East. So herein I provide my thoughts on Israel and a Middle East perspective that’s rational and realpolitik.

I also provide a primer of sorts on the validity and necessity of keeping a vigilant eye on the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the mighty First Amendment anent religious freedom, tolerance and perspective. The Founders would expect nothing less.

  1. Airplane vaporizes after hitting a concrete wall:

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