LIONEL AUDIO: Enough With Palin, Earl, Tenterbellies & Forgotten Diseases

In this gratis mélange, I’ve a host of issues for your edification.

  • Why can’t some from the “sinistral” media get, fathom and comprehend the fact that there are a whole bunch of folks who actually dig Sister Sarah Palin? My good pal Ed Schultz of DEMS-NBC seethes at the notion that anyone would or could listen to the farding pit bull. And throw in Glenn Beck while you’re at it. Look, I’d never vote for these two or watch any of their programs, but I think it would be a good idea for the Dems to at least respect that they’ve hit a voter nerve. It’s not enough to just dismiss them as stupid.
  • Hurricane Earl will apparently peter out before he/it gets near the Empire State. You’d never know that from watching the weather folks here, my Mr. G notwithstanding. Weather folks are waxing onanistic over the idea of a hurricane.
  • Matt Lauer of the Today Show found yet another permutation of the obesity story: huge portions in restaurants. Is there anyone living today who does not thoroughly understand that obesity’s a problem?
  • And what ever happened to colony collapse disorder (missing bees), SARS, West Nile Virus, Hantavirus, Herpes, Crabs (Public Lice) and even AIDS? You remember, these stories that captivated our attention once and that the media have since forgotten.

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