LIONEL AUDIO: Labor Day, Jerry, Young Dems High-Tail It, Earlmania, Google Evil, Jersey Housewives & Plastic Surgery

As audio blog pastiches go, this one’s a keeper. I begin with a paean to the great Jerry Lewis, seen infra in the throes of a cortisone bloat that had disfigured the famous clown most hideously. Jerry’s fine now and has lost the Mason Reese look. Next, I discuss the fact that it seems that younger Dems have lost that loving feeling with and anent POTUS Barry. Gee, they must be paying attention. Hurricane Earl was the source of an almost masturbatory fixation on the part of weather folks. Google is proving to be a great source of concern for privacy lovers and anyone with two neurons to rub together. I address the fact that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of the most fascinating shows that’s misunderstood by many. I explore its complexity and relevance. And finally, a disquisition on disfiguring plastic surgery and the dysmorphia that accompanies it.  Not to shabby for 20 cents.

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