LIONEL AUDIO: Tech Support With Swami Davis, Jr. & Stuff

I just spent almost an hour on the phone with a nice enough chap whose name I don’t believe is really “Kevin.” Yep, I was the latest victim of outsourcing. And what makes matters worse is the feller’s pushing me to complete a customer review survey after the tech support service call was completed. Are you kidding?! The first thing I would have said — because I don’t fill out these things and if I did, I haven’t the heart to say what I really mean, after all it could mean “Kevin’s ” job — is “I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD HE SAID!” Not to mention, let’s add to the mix of fun the fact that I was using an iPhone with a headset, thus allowing me to avoid unnecessary brain-sizzling radiation and to use the keyboard accordingly. There’s a minute gap in time sequencing between when I say something and Ol’ Kev responds, similar to that annoying Skype delay. So not only was I unable to make out what my outsourced support person was saying under the best of conditions, I had to add to the confusion the unnatural gaps and pauses in transmission. At the end of my session, my head was splitting and I vented with you immediately thereafter. Plus a bunch of other stuff was referenced wittily, e.g. Travolta’s latest gay spa circuit allegations and other stuff. Good day.

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