LIONEL AUDIO: It’s Never Safe.

In four short days the schmaltz, schlock and schpiel (versus a glockenspiel) will commence: the 9/11 trained seal show. The spin that will be spun, the usual suspects with the usual tune, it will go off without a hitch. (Funny, that’s not funny after Hitchens’s cancer diagnosis.) I can’t wait for the paralyzingly insipid analyses to begin.

As to the iconic cinema moment infra, I’ll never forget Szell imploring Babe to tell him if it’s safe. We all know how that went. It’s interesting how the dentist would be the practitioner of the excruciating. Were I the director, I would have opted for a urologist trying to run a Foley the hard way. Trust me, I’ll take a sadistic dentist any day over that.

Please enjoy this, my latest contribution to thought. I won’t even both to adumbrate what’s discussed. That’s what listening’s for.

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