LIONEL AUDIO: Bladder Terror Inter Alia, Tea Party Realities & ‘Maters

The voiding cystourethrogram (infra) was a horror I endured as an adolescent. Waterboarding’s got nothing on this example of medieval urological terror. In my message, I clearly address the fact that if you can pee, be thankful. Enjoy the simple things in life. Like peeing, micturition or (the urologist’s preference) voiding, the simple things in life are what’s important. If you’re an older man, fret not that your stream can’t etch stone like it once did. You pee, therefore you are. Be thankful. And for tomatoes as well. I know, the two may not seem logically connected, but the again, neither do you. I explicate herein.

And speaking of painful bladder procedures, I’d rather drink bleach than listen to some of the bunkum passing for political commentary. The snark-fest of the MSNBC crew, so mindlessly and blatantly Obama obeisant, and the bumper sticker, cookie cutter, echo chamber, GOP claptrap of Fox — both miss the point of the tea party victories. If anything, it spells doom for the GOP and should inure to the benefit of Dems. But these folks have proven so politically maladroit, don’t count on them getting anything right.

Good day.

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