LIONEL AUDIO: I Saw Him Before He Died.

Such was the inadvertent yet very true statement of a friend of mine. Some other great observations. From my mother: “Food tastes better after you’ve eaten it.” Another friend noted that he didn’t prefer cremation after death because it was too final. Herein a most comprehensive mélange.

I love this piece from New York Times contributor Charles Fish entitled “Antaeus and the Tea Party.” Fish notes, “Liberal pundits and the politicians whose agendas they favor continue to misunderstand the Tea Party movement and, what is worse, fail to realize how much the disdainful tone of their criticism fuels it.” The nonstop snarkfest on anything DEMS-NBC or Bill Maher validates those committed acolytes to a cause that may be a tad wanting as to platform but chock-full of certitude. N.B. I left out The Daily Show and Colbert. Their primary goal and direction is entertainment with a political theme. Maher and the cool kids from DEMS-NBC in their own twisted minds are Delphic.

A critter watching the tube. (ca. 1993)

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