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LIONEL AUDIO SAMPLER: It’s Free, Rockefeller! On The Arm!

A pastiche, a myriad, a mosaic. A panoply of ideation and concept. As a gift from me to you, you aural sects.

I’m most excited about my first LIONEL MEDIA video interview with one of my heroes, Pat Cooper: a comedian whose natural abilities are nonpareil. He unloads and unleashes on everything and everybody. It is classic.

In this sampler serving, a discussion of virtually everything in a style and packaged delivery system that is sui generis. Spoken word meets audio blog meets Lionel unplugged, unfettered, unfiltered, uninterrupted and unapologetic.


Saturday, October 16, 2010, at New York’s famous Carnegie Deli, was LIONEL MEDIA’s first installment of an event heretofore unheard of or experienced in the real, entertainment world. LIONEL MEDIA teamed up with Shirt Scuffle in a T-Shirt competition that seeks to capture the essence of my show and the experiential totality of this mediapalooza. Check the link and join the high jinks and creative mayhem.

Herein for members only is the PAT COOPER INTERVIEW. Unplugged, unedited and unfettered. A nonstop, unplugged, unhinged and unedited interview with Pat Cooper, a comic original and personal hero.

The most naturally funny comedian and a nonpareil raconteur, my friend Pat Cooper. (Photo by Steve Garrin)

LIONEL VIDEO: A Rare Interview With Sandy Levine (MBD) Of NY’S Carnegie Deli

LIONEL VIDEO: Stephen Kristan of Shirt Scuffle


Plecia nearctica, or as every Floridan knows them as, the love bug. The joke was they flew united. (Kids, ask your parents.) State officials let these pesky windshield terrorists get out of hand. (Honestly, I always thought it was a car wash industry conspiracy.) Well, that’s the way the feds view the Internet. It got out of control and now they’ve got to find new ways to reel it in short of just shutting it down. And believe me, they’re working on that too. China’s showing us how.

LIONEL AUDIO: Four Loko & Everclear & Jäger, Oh My!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Four Loko. An apparent scourge on our youth, a witches brew of alcohol and caffeine. (Can you say Irish coffee?) And as such, folks want it banned in an almost Pavlovian reflex to everything. I dedicated a PIX 11 commentary to the subject that you may watch here.

But first, a description of teleprompter horrors during my PIX 11 commentary. (I know how Obama must feel.)

And with that a bit of a discussion on the duties of news and narrowcasting. It’s a recent subject of fascination of mine.

LIONEL AUDIO: The Incredible Keith Richards & The Myth

This is my hero. Here am I, wizened and hobbled by decrepitude (HARDLY!). Checking my Lp(a) levels. No smoking. No drugs. Virtually abstemious, teetotalling, vitamin-popping and this sumbitch is indestructible! I never understood the genius of this man until fairly recently. It wasn’t Mick who deserved my fascination and admiration, it was Keef! The man’s ability to coin a riff, a riff that we would know and recognize instantaneously for the rest of our lives. A note pattern so exquisitely simple and organic. A riff that made us all think in unison “Why didn’t I think of that?” If the bowels were set to music, Keith would write the score. And, no, I don’t know what that means either.

I downloaded Keith Richards’s book on my Kindle/iPad today and I’ve been absorbed by this man of mumbled letters.

Incidentally, I saw him once under a light. Little Steven sort of introduced me, I’m not sure. I was in awe. In awe of the deep almost scar-like grimace cracks and lines in his catcher’s mitt face. Zeus bless this dude.

LIONEL AUDIO: PTSD & Modern Day Casus Belli

My wife and I watched this incredible documentary that I heartily recommend to you. It showcases three days of testimony in 1971 of Vietnam combat vets and their horrific and horrid tales of war. War that we assigned them to commit. War that we trained them to be most proficient at. It’s relevance and poignancy today are hard to miss. Herein, my thoughts.

LIONEL AUDIO: Why I Hate Schmaltzy Television News, Features & Drivel

‘Nuff said. And, oh yeah, Juan Williams, my pal Vinnie and the atesticular corporate media structure.

LIONEL AUDIO: What Really Annoys Me

Please. Buy this. Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers. And you read it. If only there were words that existed that could somehow allow me to explicate or limn the deep-seated visceral contempt I have for bad cutlery technique and table manners. Along with that I speak to a number of issues: (1) rising incivility; (2) health and my fascination with contemporary medical procedures; (3) how we perceive our own mortality; (4) the loss of wit and the ability to identify and appreciate the sardonic; and (5) a personal dream I have for this country.

Herein please find my latest thoughts and musings anent a panoply of topics so broad and varied, even I’m impressed. With me.