LIONEL AUDIO: Electroejaculation & Stuff

I’m not making this up. A New York widow has persuaded a court to issue an order for the posthumous retrieval of her deceased (via suicide) husband’s sperm that will, via IVF, fertilize an egg to be implanted in a surrogate, the late husband’s girlfriend. You can’t make this up.

Watch my PIX 11 Commentary on the subject. This had the folks scratching their heads.

Messrs. Jagger and Richards even dedicated a musical paean of sorts to the subject.

Sperm can be retrieved using various methods including surgical excision of the epididymis, irrigation or aspiration of the vas deferens, rectal probe electroejaculation and orchidectomy. [Source]

Electroejaculation?! Wow. Makes the Taser pale by comparison, don’t you think?

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