LIONEL AUDIO: The Incredible Keith Richards & The Myth

This is my hero. Here am I, wizened and hobbled by decrepitude (HARDLY!). Checking my Lp(a) levels. No smoking. No drugs. Virtually abstemious, teetotalling, vitamin-popping and this sumbitch is indestructible! I never understood the genius of this man until fairly recently. It wasn’t Mick who deserved my fascination and admiration, it was Keef! The man’s ability to coin a riff, a riff that we would know and recognize instantaneously for the rest of our lives. A note pattern so exquisitely simple and organic. A riff that made us all think in unison “Why didn’t I think of that?” If the bowels were set to music, Keith would write the score. And, no, I don’t know what that means either.

I downloaded Keith Richards’s book on my Kindle/iPad today and I’ve been absorbed by this man of mumbled letters.

Incidentally, I saw him once under a light. Little Steven sort of introduced me, I’m not sure. I was in awe. In awe of the deep almost scar-like grimace cracks and lines in his catcher’s mitt face. Zeus bless this dude.

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