LIONEL AUDIO: Post-Rally Analyses, Election Day & Psephological High Jinks

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know what it was at first either. It’s an American pie. I hope.

Election day, midterms and our own New York governor’s race. What’s an informed American to do? Well, it’s not watching the garbage on 24/7 cable news, that’s for sure. The dearth of substance is mind-boggling. Politics is about visceral reactions, gut feelings, team politics and who’s hot and who’s not. Saturday’s Comedy Central rally for whatever, a P.R. work of genius, shows us what’s critical: even in that group of seemingly hip and sentient politically savvy they had nary a clue as to the gravamen of the problems that plague our country. They were just “here for the beer.” And a word on the wonderment of  life after death, the most impossible of oxymorons.

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