LIONEL AUDIO: Back On The “Air”! The TSA & The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Back again. After being attacked by malware, maladroit, malcontent and Mal Z. Lawrence, LIONELMEDIA is up and running and here’s the latest installment from me, your voice of unapologetic realism. This was intended at first as a general LIONEL AUDIO podcast for the general public, but after careful consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that $5.99 a month is a pittance for spoken word greatness.

Listen to Israel. It drives me considerably nuts when folks dismiss the suggestions of Israeli security experts because: (1) Israeli commercial air traffic is de minimis compared to ours; and (2) the sheer numbers of air passengers make impossible any comprehensive “profiling,” a word that evokes so much reaction from the incredibly nescient.

Hypnotic acquiescence. So instead we the sheeple follow the directives and orders of the TSA in a strange Pavlovian obeisance. Our will to resist has been all but destroyed. We’ve habituated to ever-increasing discomfiting intrusions by the government. And, frankly, the biggest problem stems from my fellow citizens who for the life of them can’t see what the big deal is about such talk of rights and personal freedom.

The indictment. The TSA policies are wrong for a host of reasons, viz. (1) The backscatter radiation field porn tubes are dangerous; (2) The recordation of nude images of passengers is wrong and in the case of children may be child porno; (3) The TSA procedures are maladapted for high brisance explosive detection; and (4) The very serious accusations of conflict of interest on the part of ex-DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff call into question the legitimacy of the government’s claim that the speed by which these units were introduced was a product of urgency for passenger safety versus an aggressive lobbying effort.

In any event, enjoy.

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