LIONEL AUDIO: Happy Thanksgiving, One & All!

First, a video paean on and to this day of an almost Pavlovian obeisance to the notion of familial conviviality and engorgement. And stuff. The key is to be thankful and experience gratitude always. Because one day you too will die. So, live it up. I know some will view this as negative, but there’s nothing more life-centering than to acknowledge its evanescence. So there.

I’m a frustrated chef and love to learn new ways to cook. Cooking’s chemistry, physics, anatomy and art. Herein I provide a number of culinary tips and shortcuts including the greatest piece of equipment you can buy: a vertical roaster. Forget turkey, use this when you roast a chicken and you will thank me forever. Spanek makes a good one and has various sizes for every conceivable size of bird carcass. Commit yourself to learning how to cook or cook more if you already do. Chicken roasting is the subject of more cookbook treatises and with this doohickey it’s flawless every time.

So enjoy this day. That’s an order.

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