LIONEL AUDIO: Witzelsücht, Black Friday & Media Shifts

In(s)anity at the mall. Nothing can explicate adequately just how in(s)ane the notion of Black Friday truly is. Or how in(s)ane the folks are who make the annual trek to shopping outlets on cue in the queue like mindless, brainwashed sheeple. But I give it the college try.

Moria and Witzelsücht from Frontotemporal Dementia. This may explain the demented behavior that I simply cannot tolerate anymore on Facebook. From that of the amateur comedian who swears he’s funny — it’s just that no one else agrees.

Is this the same media? There’s a trend developing of alternative media sources and the more conventional yet intrepid such as Fox Business: reporting and discussing what just two years ago would have been dismissed as conspiratorial bunkum. America may be growing up.

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