LIONEL AUDIO: Wikileaks, Dimwits & Hacks (Oh, My!)

Some folks can’t imagine that the Wikileaks story could really be much ado about nothing. You’ve got that shadowy, creepy Aussie Julian Assange. The loose-cannon traitor rat PFC Bradley Manning. Surely there must be something here. And, shout-out to Frank Drebin, I won’t call you Shirley. And when you throw into the mix the perfect storm of a nescient and torpid media consumer with an idle and fluff-packaged media provider, sit back and watch the ennui set in.

If there were indeed a national media that did its job, that investigated and vetted fully, then perhaps we’d having a working knowledge of what all of this means. But that won’t happen any time soon.

My PIX 11 Commentary sums up my thoughts rather succinctly. After all, it’s my commentary and more importantly, my thoughts.

I direct your attention to The Business Insider’s Henry Blodget in REMINDER: Here Are The “Sex Crimes” Interpol Wants Julian Assange Arrested For. He writes the following as to the bases for the latest INTERPOL arrest warrant against Monsieur Assange, ladies’ man, international man of mystery and cad.

The two women who filed the original charges had sex with Assange on successive nights. Both seemed pissed that he charmed them into bed and then never called them again. Both were mortified to learn, after the fact, that he had had sex with them on back-to-back evenings. One was annoyed that, after seducing her in a movie theater, he spent the 45 minutes in the cab riding from a movie to her apartment “tweeting and texting and reading stories about himself.”  Both said he preferred not to wear a condom. One said he seemed to have an aversion to the word “no.”  And so on…

At least as the Sydney Herald’s Asher Moses tells it, there’s not much in the stories about forced sex or “molestation” or politically-driven hit jobs. Mostly it’s about two Julian Assange fans annoyed that the rock star Wikileaks founder charmed their pants off and then bolted.

The rape charges have since been dropped. The “molestation” charge is outstanding.

And now Interpol has issued a warrant for Assange’s arrest…

Don’t wait for our MSM to cover the specifics in any appreciable depth any time soon. Or at all.

  1. Very interesting. Lots of good information here. Thank you!

  2. Jimmy Reefercake

    Nice details. I heard Dick Cheney may be on the list for interpol soon.

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