LIONEL AUDIO: What American MSM Never Tell You About WikiLeaks. Everything!

What was explained to you by our dreaded and feckless MSM was de minimis to say the least. It seems it’s their goal to provide the least amount of information and to delve the least. My friends, the WikiLeaks story is huge. The levels, the strata, the layers of the proverbial issue onion are endless.

This Sky News piece is very good. Very comprehensive.

WikiLeaks will be used by our government to tighten the reins on the Internet. The nescient and clueless American sheeple will just nod in Pavlovian obeisance to the notion and idea that secrecy, all secrecy, is warranted and needed. It is estimated that there are over 854,000 people with Top Secret clearance. That’s 1.5 times the population of Washington, DC. Secrecy prevents Americans from knowing the truth. It provides a wonderful place to obscure, obfuscate and hide anything your government wants to keep from you. And so long as the mantra is sounded, that the war on terror requires additional secrecy and a nodding acceptance from its citizens, the real danger that we face will remain an absence of transparency.  Be not fooled.

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