LIONEL AUDIO: You Know What Makes Me Sick? Everything.

There are days when I want to scream or take a life. When I’d give anything for a bell tower to climb and — not kill, mind you — merely make my presence known. I’ve had it with blowhards, bloviators, windbags, phonies of all stripes, and bull Shi’ite artists who seem to be replicating at frightening clips. I know more than ever that if each person were to be allowed to be that who they are and no one else, the world would be better. Much better.

I’m serious, presented herein is a mélange of bitches, grousings and complaints from me — an indictment of and against every person and institution who gets on my nerves. It’s a marvelous journey starting with a paean to Oprah, a genius pure and simple. A genius in that she forged ahead with her own imagine, plan and a determination to be Oprah and no one else. This disquisition veers and merges thereafter.

But first, let me pay tribute to a man whose career changed my life drastically. Le Pétomane. His inspiration and courage comprise the essence of who I am.

Enjoy and good day.

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