LIONEL AUDIO: This Nut In Flawda Will Give Gun Owners Yet Another (Unearned) Bad Rap. Thanks To The Feckless Media.

Let me give you the unadulterated truth as to how our impuissant media will yet again go after gone owners and advocates and moreover, how they’ll milk this teat dry

Well, the media will be going nuts over the story of this nut case, ex-con Clay Duke. With a penchant for bad movie imagery and a garbled sense of tax issues, this nut turned a Panama City School Board meeting into the O.K. Corral. He later “turned the gun on himself” — a stupid TV news cliché that I personally loathe. The case is about a nut who used a gun. Not that all gun owners or users are nuts.

Reminds me of a similar case. ‘Twas November of 2003 when a disgruntled client pressed a grievance against his lawyer in a most unique way. “You took my money, that’s what you get!” William Strier, 60, yelled at attorney Gerald E. Curry, 53, outside a Van Nuys California courthouse. And, as you can imagine, anti-gun folks went nuts right on time as the barking seals were instructed.

In France this week, a 17 year-old sword-wielding teenager was taken into custody after he took a nursery school hostage. french officials and media types called it right: He was a nut. The anti-sword contingent didn’t come out of the woodwork.

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