LIONEL AUDIO: It Just Flows. Honest.

Let me explain this installment of my audio blog and use this image infra as an illustration of what it is exactly that I do. This man is cleaning a septic tank. I clean — or to be more precise, clear — my think tank. My thought(s) receptacle. My idea drainage sewer. An ideation sump pump. Beautiful imagery, if I may say so myself. I love starting at Point A and seeing where the journey leads me. Where I end up. That simple.

Now, the beauty of digital recording is that one can record various segments. Stop. And pick up seamlessly, at least audio-seamlessly. No clicks, pops. No indicia of editing or starting over. But the thought progression or transition may not be so seamless. To the listener, that is. It may even sound like a non sequitur, a tad desultory. I love that part, frankly. Sometimes the audio blog is a portrait, other times it’s a mosaic or a collage. The pastiche may or may not be continuous. Or some might argue, coherent.

This piece addresses inter alia oral feculence and the malodorous funk of bridgework. Insane wedding receptions and do-it-yourself local TV commercials. Bad southern accents and over-hyped films. It is simply I.

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