LIONEL AUDIO: The Podcast That Reinvents Critical Thinking. And This One Also.

Please think of the great Neil Rogers. If you pray, pray for him.I’ve slaughtered a pigeon in his honor. Santería, you know. Neil would understand.

In the pantheon of talk radio greats, he would have an entire section dedicated just to him. And pray for talk radio in general. It’s on life supports as we speak. (Should have executed a DNR.)

Are you ready for this one. It’s a beaut.

  • Why Xmas music makes me want to take a life.
  • The imaginary yet perennial war on Xmas. Next to NAMBLA, a conservative talk show host’s go-to topic.
  • DADT and how folks think it’s chosen. Sexuality, i.e.
  • Sexuality versus intimacy and the line that’s vaguely drawn at all.
  • Class warfare and “tax breaks for the rich.”
  • How we have been socialized to the notion of income tax and taxation in general.
  • A paean, panegyric and eulogium to Neil Rogers.

And speaking of DADT, let me explain my concept of “National Gay Out Day.”

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