LIONEL AUDIO PODCAST: Remembering When We Were A Country With Guts – When Lawn Darts Were Recalled, So Went The M-80, So Went Our Souls

This is Ed Rendell, the ballsy, hard-nosed, tough-as-nails 45th governor of the keystone state. Ed also is the subject of many a homoerotic paean from MSNBC’s Hardballer Chris Matthews, whose man love for Ed is, frankly, emesis-inducing. Ed’s rubbing it in to those pantywaist twirps who are responsible for the wussification of our great country. Eddie, I’m with you 100%. What would Lombardi think now after having braved the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field after the “Ice Bowl” in 1967? Many a player that day later admitted their testicles actually froze and fell off during that horrid game. Kinda.

We went nuts over the snow this week. Especially in New York City. Folks are calling for Mayor Bloomberg’s head. It’s not his fault, though he didn’t help matters by basically chiding his subjects for being babies and complaining too much. Mike wouldn’t make the best grief counselor, if you know what I mean.

Ed spoke most critically over the NFL’s decision to postpone an Eagles-Vikings game due to snow.

[T]o call off this game because of snow is further evidence of the “wussification” of America. We seem to have lost our boldness, our courage, our sense of adventure and that frontier spirit that made this country the greatest nation in the world. A little snow, a potential traffic tie-up, a long trip home caused us to cancel a football game?

In my lifetime, I trace our impuissance and the wussification of our once intrepid country to December 19, 1988, the day the Consumer Product Safety Commission permanently banned the lawn dart or Jarts from public consumption and commerce. I grew up in a day when our toys were dangerous and our fun was manly. Where you wouldn’t think twice of playing with a toy that couldn’t scald, blind, maim or cripple. I provided this tribute to the great fireworks of my you. Pellet guns, M-80’s. Name it. Somehow we all made it.

I even dedicated my own tribute to the toys of yore in a PIX 11 commentary. It’s all connected. We’ve lost any sense of adventure. We’re now denizens of a low-fat, salt and gluten free, vanilla, bicycle-helmeted, knee-padded scaredy cat world. Rendell’s right.

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