LIONEL AUDIO PODCAST: The Perfect Television News-Entertainment Show & Why It’ll Never Happen

This is my idea of the perfect show. ‘Twould combine every facet of subject matter that fascinates me. Every discipline and topic. And for that reason, because it would be atypical, sui generis, nonpareil and without any reference of familiarity, it would never see the light of day on conventional TV. It would scare media management because it has never been done. Everything on conventional and usual TV is formulaic, cookie-cuter, playbook and bumper sticker. It’s usual, trite, tried, true, hackneyed and why I want to wax emetic whenever the next news chat show is thrown at me.

Herein is my ideal, dream TV show, captained by yours truly. With the amputation of Olbermann, you’d think that media panjandrums would get the message that innovation is the only thing that will save them. Yeah, you’d think. Herein, my blueprint.

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